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SkyEye camera software:

Installation package for Microsoft Windows Vista™, Windows™ 7, 8 and 10      32 bit

Other software from Interactive Astronomy:

Sharp Slope

Temperature compensating focusing for all FocusMax compatible focusers

Phidget Drivers

Drivers required for Sharp Slope and optional Phidget sensor for SkyAlert (link)

SkyEye User’s Manual

pdf format

SkyEye Viewer Manual

pdf format

Installation package for Microsoft Windows XP™ & Windows 2000™  32 bit and 64 bit

free for personal use

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Note: SkyEye drivers and applications have been consolidated into installation packages. Select the appropriate version for your operating system.

SkyEye Setup XP

SkyEye Setup 32

SkyEye Setup 64

Installation package for Microsoft Windows Vista™, Windows™ 7, 8 and 10      64 bit

Passcode Passcode Passcode

X-10 Controller

Small application for controlling X-10™ power modules

free for personal use

SkyEye Updates


Link to update page

SkyAlert software:

SkyAlert Setup

Installation package for Microsoft Windows™ (includes drivers for first time installation)

SkyRoof software:

SkyRoof Setup

Installation package for Microsoft Windows™ (includes ASCOM driver and controller board driver)

SkyRoof User’s Manual

SkyAlert User’s Manual

html format

SkyAlert Remote Setup

Installation package for Microsoft Windows™

File Uploader

Repeatedly upload or download files to ftp site

free for personal use Interactive Astronomy


Version update only (no drivers) v.326

SkyAlert  Remote

Version update only (no drivers)

Sky Roof

Version update 239

04/28/2019 Added support for custom opening times with geo-based sunrise/sunset times

X-10 SDK & Driver

X-10 SDK installation is necessary to provide proper X-10 Controller function (Link)

html format


SkyRoof ASCOM Driver

Version 1.7

10/02/2018-Resolves issue of board firmware version being reported incorrectly

The SkyX/2 Plug-in

The SkyX plug-in for SkyRoof roof control (external link)

SkyAlert Observing

Conditions Tester

ASCOM Observing Conditions driver for SkyAlert version 1.7

Version 1.0

SkyAlert Observing

Conditions Driver

SkyAlert Safety Monitor Driver

SkyAlert Safety Monitor Tester

ASCOM Safety Monitor driver for SkyAlert version 1.4

Version 1.2

SkyEye2 Software


Installation package for SkyEye2 camera (includes drivers and app)

Network Checker

IP4 Address finder for all Interactive Astronomy Ethernet-based devices (SkyAlert-E, SkyRoof-Alpaca, etc.)

IAA Equipment Checker

Find Interactive Astronomy device COM port locations and IP addresses (if needed)

SkyEye2 User’s Manual

html format

OWM Reader

Note: This tool if for experimental use and should not be relied on for accurate weather information

Download weather data from OpenWeatherMap and create standard one-line weather data file