SkyRoof Control System


 The SkyRoof control program provides the user with an easy method to operate a roll-off

observatory roof from the PC desktop. In addition to this, the system includes an ASCOM compliant driver to facilitate roof 

operation through any ASCOM compliant software. The program can read standard Boltwood II style one-line

weather data files (also known as “Clarity” or “Weather Data”) generated by most weather monitoring systems

and control roof operation according to prevailing weather conditions.

 SkyRoof features two optional safety interlock mechanisms to prevent a closing roof from colliding with an unparked

telescope. The “Park Safety Switch” method relies on an optional microswitch or light beam switch connected to the SkyRoof

board to sense the parked status of the mount. In addition, an ASCOM mount driver method can be used to detect a parked

mount which will prevent roof movement unless the ASCOM mount driver reports that the scope is parked. If you do not intend to

use the “Park Safety Switch” method, then the safety switch pins on the roof control module will need to be jumped in order

for the system to function correctly.

NOTE: Jumping is not recommended, except for initial testing or an observatory roof that is high enough to clear the

telescope(s) in all altitude positions. Otherwise, it is advisable to use an AtPark safety switch to sense the "Scope Parked"

position of the telescope(s) before any roof movements are made.

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