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The SkyEye camera package includes:

• Premium all-sky camera in a tough, weatherproof housing

• Ten foot USB cable (custom extension cables available separately here)*  

• Deluxe software suite with automatic meteor detection, movie creation and    FTP client

• 12 month warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee

• Personal web page for uploading images and videos

   everything you need to get started producing your own night sky images!

Price includes free shipping in the continental U.S.

* plus state sales tax where applicable


Complete kit price:


*Optional extension cables up to 65’ are available

Parts & Accessories

SkyEye Camera

Sorry, no overseas sales.

Due to supply chain issues, SkyEye camera sales have been temporarily discontinued. Please check back later for availability updates.

SkyRoof Controller- Basic

SkyRoof Controller for standard motors and BYO motors     

Parts & Accessories

SkyRoof controller includes roof control module, Windows™ SkyRoof Control Panel application, ASCOM driver, magnetic sensor set and 25’ active extension USB cable. Pre-wired and tested. Please specify magnetic sensor cable length when ordering.

SkyRoof Controller for garage door motors and gate openers*  

*Can be wired to directly control opener.

Not compatible with Security+ 2.0 garage door openers

For garage door openers with Security+ 2.0, contact or call 510-495-7932



*A separate controller or relay system to control motor operation may be necessary. It is not recommended to use the SkyRoof board relays to directly operate the roof motor. BYO systems require LBB option.

* If observatory roll-off roof is an “interference” type (i.e. Roof can possibly collide with telescope when opening/closing), then an ‘AtPark’ safety system should be installed to prevent roof from moving if scope(s) unparked. (See SkyRoof Controller Kit below)

Sorry, no overseas sales.

* plus state sales tax where applicable

Price includes free shipping in the Continental U.S.

Stand alone kit for: Standard Motors - BYO Motors - Garage Door Openers

SkyRoof Controller Kit

SkyRoof Controller Kit

All products includes a full one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

SkyRoof requires Windows™ XP or later and a 1.0 ghz processor or better.

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For questions and dealer inquiries, please contact:

* plus state sales tax where applicable

Sorry, no overseas sales.

Prices includes free shipping in the Continental U.S.


SkyRoof controller

1- Photoelectric Beam Sensor (for AtPark detection)

1- Single Telescope/Pier Wiring Bar unit

12 vdc power supply for photo cell

Magnetic sensor set to detect roof position

SkyRoof Control Panel app and SkyRoof ASCOM driver

> All components pre-wired/ tested and ready for use

Note: The system works directly with most garage door and gate openers.

Standard motors will require a custom motor controller.

For roll-off roofs that do not have sufficient clearance to close roof with scope in any position.

SkyRoof Control Systems

If you’re considering or already have an Aleko™ gate opener for your roll-off roof observatory, consider our complete Aleko™ turn-key system. Click here for details.

Aleko Gate Openers

SkyRoof Aleko Control System

Best recommendation for a roof motor and control system.

SkyAlert System-USB

Parts & Accessories

SkyAlert with 25’ USB cable  


SkyAlert system includes SkyAlert unit, software, data cable, dew heater cable and dew heater power supply.

All products includes a full one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Systems require Windows™ XP or newer with 1.4 ghz processor or higher.

* plus state sales tax where applicable

Price includes free shipping in the Continental U.S.

For installations requiring cable lengths longer than 25’, we recommend purchasing the SkyAlert-E model.

Sorry, no overseas sales.

* SkyAlert Ethernet Systems include a custom Cat 6 Ethernet cable and PoE Injector Kit with power supply to provide 9 vdc power for the dew heater and to power the unit.

Please make sure to select correct cable length when ordering. Do not attempt to use this cable for any other purpose.

SkyAlert-E uses your router’s DHCP function to obtain an IP address on your network. It is advisable to assign a static IP address to the unit after installation. Contact for details.

By default, the LAN port for the SkyAlert module is set to port 81. If you would like an alternate port setting, please specify when ordering.


The SkyAlert-E features all of the functions of the original SkyAlert along with the addition of a built-in web server. This unit can be connected to the observatory’s Local Area Network so that the weather data can be distributed to several client computers concurrently. Other advantages of connecting via Ethernet include:

SkyAlert Ethernet System with 35’ Ethernet/ PoE cable*

SkyAlert Ethernet System with 50’ Ethernet/ PoE cable*

SkyAlert Ethernet System with 100’ Ethernet/ PoE cable*




Parts & Accessories