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The SkyRoof system is a hardware based PC control designed for roll-off roof observatories. The system consists of a microprocessor controlled relay board, desktop software and an ASCOM compliant driver. SkyRoof will interface with most roof control motor systems* and is specifically designed to connect to the MVO Motor Control System. SkyRoof can process standard one-line weather data files (i.e. “Clarity”, “Weather Data”, etc.) generated by most weather monitoring systems (including SkyAlert) and issue weather alerts and roof closure commands based on weather conditions. With the included SkyRoof ASCOM driver, SkyRoof can interface with most imaging automation software to facilitate roof closure based on automation software settings and commands. The system also includes automatic dew heater control and user adjustable weather alerts and actions along with optional text message and email alerts.

SkyRoof desktop control screenshot

SkyRoof relay control board

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SkyRoof settings page screenshot

SkyRoof Users Guide

*Standard garage door motor version is available when ordering (inquire for Security+ 2.0 add-on).

*The SkyX x2 plug-in for SkyRoof is available here.