Gear/ rack driven gate openers have plenty of torque to handle the roof weights per the above model ranges.

We recommend that you directly purchase one of the above gate openers to suit your observatory needs from the model links above.

** Interactive Astronomy is not affiliated with TOPENSproducts . Recommendations above are based on customer usage and experience.

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All Systems Include:

Prior to your order we consult with you directly to determine your exact observatory requirements and establish your custom cable lengths. This allows us to pre-wire the entire system and fully test it before shipment. Call 510-495-7932 for ordering or details.

NOTE: The motor must be shipped to us for wiring and testing (see address below)us f



CHICO, CA 95973

ATTN: Jim Collins

*The gate opener drive gear can be replaced with a chain sprocket, for those requiring a chain pull system.

$1470.00 - Complete System for one mount, requiring photo cell park protection.*

$1695.00 - Complete System for two mounts, requiring photo cell park protection.*

$1920.00 - Complete System for three mounts , requiring photo cell park protection.*

*Gate opener motor not included in above pricing

**Price includes return shipping of gate opener motor after wiring and testing.

$1220.00 - Complete System for one mount w/o photocell protection (roof has sufficient clearance)

NEW:  All of our new systems for gate openers will have the electronic control boards removed.  

This is due to some unresolved issues, usually during electrical storm activity, the gate opener logic has caused “Phantom Roof Openings”.

All new systems will have direct wiring to the Gate Opener Motor from our own control relays for OPEN and CLOSE commands.


 Model  |  Roof Cap.  |  Motor

   RK700T       1500 lbs.             0.4 HP

   RK1200T      3400 lbs.            0.8 HP

   RK2600T      5500 lbs.            1.2HP