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Winegard™ Ds-3000 Pipe Mount Kit

Power Supply w/26’ extension cable

Power Supply w/50’ extension cable

Power Supply w/75’ extension cable

Replacement dome                             

X-10™ Remote Control Kit

Kit includes USB transceiver and one power control module. Compatible with SkyEye Capture program for controlling dew heaters, lights, etc.

$69.95 each

$53.00 each

$60.00 each

$72.00 each


$59.00 each

SkyEye Accessories

SkyEye Dew Heater Power Supply-12 vdc @ 2 amp

USB Active Extension cable 16 ft.

$56.90 each

USB Active Extension cable 33 ft.   

$99.50 each

USB Active Extension cable 65 ft.  

$139.95 each

USB Active Extension Cable

*All prices include free shipping in the continental USA. Sales tax additional where applicable.

For overseas shipping, please contact

Be sure to order correct cable length when placing order. Do not attempt to daisy-chain or otherwise extend USB cables to extend length as this will result in a malfunction.