Opened and Closed positions for Sensors are shown mounted on the observatory wall.

Mechanical stops are required for the opened and closed positions (see note).

The moving Magnet Assembly is attached to the roof.

IAA Custom Magnetic Sensors

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The Magnetic Sensor System that we use to control all of our motors incorporates a G.E. type magnetic reed switch.  All of these switches typically are found in home security systems.  They are  sealed units and proven very reliable over years of service.

We mount all of these switches in  * 3D printed housings made of ASA, which provide addtional dust,  weather protection and faciiltate ease of mounting.

These electrical switches are simply "dry contacts" carrying very low voltage & current to signal the motor relays and SkyRoof Logic.  

There are two separate switches (side by side) for each sensor.  One switch (Normally Closed) controls power to the motor for stopping and the other switch (Normally Open) signals the SkyRoof Board Logic for roof position.  Both switches are "ganged together" to make one simple adjustment for the Roof OPEN and Roof Close positions.

* ASA (Acrylonitirle Styrene Acrylate) is a UV-resistant, weatherable polymer..