SkyRoof Accessories


1-Photoelectric Beam Sensor

1- Single Telescope/Pier Wiring Bar

1-Custom length wiring cable to connect to control unit

1-12vdc power supply

Kit is pre-wired and ready to run

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Single Photocell Kit


This magnetic sensor set is required for the SkyRoof controller.

(1) sensor for OPEN

(1) sensor for CLOSE

(1) Moving Magnet

The set is custom designed using (2) very strong magnets that will provide a highly reliable switching over a 2" wide magnetic field zone.

Operates most effectively with a 1/2" gap.

Sensors and magnets are waterproof for indoor or outdoor mounting.

*Custom cable lengths provided.

Mounting screws included.

Sensors and magnet block are approximately 1.25" x 2.50" x .50" thick.

*Specify desired cable lengths for “Open” and “Closed” sensors when ordering.

*Contact or call 510-495-7932 if you have any questions.


Magnetic Sensor Set