SkyAlert Remote User’s Guide


The SkyAlert Remote program gathers data from a connected SkyAlert weather module and generates a data file which can be used by the SkyAlert program running on another computer on the network. For example, if the SkyAlert weather module is installed on a backyard observatory with SkyAlert Remote running on the observatory computer, the data from the module can be read and used by SkyAlert running on a networked computer inside the house. Multiple computers can access the data from a single SkyAlert weather module when using this method.

SkyAlert Remote features a small footprint and uses a very small amount of computer resources.

SkyAlert Remote requires Microsoft .NET ver. 4.0 or higher and the SkyAlert weather module drivers installed in order to run.

Follow the on-screen prompts to continue to install the drivers.

When the driver installation has completed, click the “Exit” button on the following screen to continue the installation.

In a few moments, the following window will appear. Click the “Install” button to complete the installation.

Program Operation:

When the program starts, the main menu will appear. Click on the “Tools” option from the toolbar and click “Settings” to set up the program.

Settings Page

Connect to the SkyAlert weather module by selecting the appropriate “Com” port from the drop down box and clicking the “Connect” button. Note: As long as there are no hardware changes, this only needs to be done the first time the program is run. During subsequent sessions, the program will automatically connect to the module when it is launched.

Click on the “Save to” button to select the filename and path you would like for the data to be saved to. The default file name is “remotedata.txt”. In the SkyAlert program, set the “Remote” name and path to this file. SkyAlert Remote retrieves data from the weather module and writes out a new data file every ten seconds.

You can set the temperature scale of the display by selecting either of the temperature scale radio button settings. This has no impact on the generated data.

Click on the “Save/Exit” button to run the program.

Note: Wind speed readings are for display only and may not be entirely accurate.


Double click the SkyAlert Remote Setup icon to install the program and drivers.

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