•  6.3 megapixel color camera with Sony STARVIS SMOS sensor

•  3072 x 2048 pixels, 2.4 uM pixel size

•  Very low noise

•  USB 3.0 Interface

•  Weather-proof housing

•  Integrated dew heater

•  Automatic dusk/dawn operation

•  Built-in FTP client

•  Video rendering in most popular formats

•  12 month warranty

•  30 day money back guarantee

 Exposure times are user adjustable from 1 second to 60 seconds or automatic. Dark frame calibration is available for long period exposures. Resulting images can be saved and viewed as still frames or combined and rendered into video format and uploaded to the web with the included software.

 The SkyEye2 camera has a moderated field of view to minimize image distortion. The camera comes with a very high quality, f/2.0 2.6mm, lens from Sunex. This lens produces a 180 x 120 degree field of view. This provides a field that nearly covers the entire chip from corner to corner.

  The SkyEye2 system includes a full-featured software suite for capturing and analyzing images. SkyEye2 Capture is a multi-threaded application featuring full camera and exposure control, automatic start/stop, ftp client as well as automated video rendering in popular video formats.

 The SkyEye2 Capture program can also be used to review previously captured frames, create custom movies and detect anomalies in recorded frames.

SkyEye2 camera software requires a PC operating Microsoft Windows 7™ or better, 500 megabytes of hard drive space and USB 3.0 compatibility. Windows 10™ and multi-core processor recommended.

SkyEye2 Capture screen shots

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