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Winegard™ Ds-3000 Pipe Mount Kit

Parts and Accessories

Power Supply w/26’ extension cable

Power Supply w/46’ extension cable

Power Supply w/75’ extension cable

Replacement dome                             

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X-10™ Remote Control Kit

Kit includes USB transceiver and one power control module. Compatible with SkyEye Capture program for controlling dew heaters, lights, etc.

$63.95 each

$53.18 each

$60.55 each

$73.96 each


$34.95 each


SkyEye Accessories

SkyEye Dew Heater Power Supply-12 vdc @ 3 amp

SkyAlert Accessories

Power Supply w/ 50 ft. cable

Power Supply w/ 100 ft. cable



USB-Ethernet Extension System

Extension Kit with 50’ cable

USB Remote Reset Unit

• This device allows for remotely resetting any USB device.

• Just plug in the small 12 vdc adapter to a Digital Logger or any 110 vac remotely controlled outlet.

• Plug in the USB Remote Reset Unit to your computer and other side to your USB Device

• Cycling your Digital Logger OFF then ON will disconnect then reconnect the USB device via an internal relay in the Reset Unit


Extension Kit with 100’ cable



SkyAlert Dew Heater Power Supply (9vdc)

* Multiple extension cables can be daisy-chained to attain desired length. (Camera kit includes one 16 ft. cable)

USB Active Extension cable 16 ft.

$29.95 each

USB Active Extension cable 33 ft.   

$44.95 each

USB Active Extension cable 65 ft.  

$64.95 each

USB Active Extension Cable

SkyAlert Replacement components

Rain Sensor

Wind Sensor

Temp/Humidity Sensor

Light Sensor

IR Sensor

Temp/Humidity/Pressure Sensor








Power Alert Monitor

• This device will send an alert message to request roof closure in the event of a power failure.

* A separate uninterruptible power supply to operate the roof motor and computer is required.

* Existing customers will need to return unit for upgrade

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