SkyRoof Changelog

ver 201

Added entries for 10 additional text message clients

Changed layout of SMS/Email settings dialog

Changed verbiage of some of the email/text messages

ver 204

Added feature to open roof at a user set time before or after dusk (a negative number will open the roof before dusk)

Added feature to countdown remaining time until roof re-opens after automated closure due to weather along with SMS/Email


Added feature to allow a partially open roof to open by automation (not for garage door type)

Un-checking "Close roof if error detected" now shuts off all error warnings and messages

Added messagebox to indicate if an invalid "Close" time has been entered in the Scheduler

Added vertical scroll bar on Settings page to accommodate low resolution screens when using extended fonts

ver. 209

Added feature to auto close roof at a user specified time before or after Sunrise

Added text in Auto dusk/dawn dialog to indicate estimated dusk and dawn times and

open/close times

Fixed bug which could cause roof to re-open after already closed by automation

Various bug fixes

Changed nomenclature of Dusk/Dawn to Sunrise/Sunset which is more accurate


SkyRoof will generate a SMS/Email message if weather becomes inclement during re-open countdown period and re-open

process is canceled

Modified sunrise/sunset times to align with those in SkyAlert

Fixed bug that was not closing roof before sunrise

Fixed issue that was not sending email/SMS when roof is opened after being partially open

ver. 217

Added external dll to compute sunrise/sunset times based on geographic location (does not require internet connection)

Modified dialog windows as needed to accommodate new method

Added function to retrieve approximate geo coordinates from internet if user desires (requires internet connection)

Modified tool-tip auto delay times on all dialogs so tool tips are displayed for 10 seconds

Changed windapproach message reset so wind speed must be less than 2mph before message wind warning message appears


ver. 221

Fixed bug that was causing exception error when Sunrise/Sunset adjustment accessed for the first time

Fixed bug that was causing incorrect message to be sent when inclement weather at sunset open time

Repaired function that failed to open roof if weather inclement during scheduled open time and subsequently clears

Added function to allow user to set amount of time before scheduled closing time to inhibit re-opening

Inserted calls to Update DuskDawn() subroutine in various places throughout the program to update sunrise/sunset and set times

on the fly

ver. 223

Fixed issue that was preventing roof from opening after unsafe weather at sunset

Fixed issue that would cause pop-up warning message to appear if SkyRoof was launched with Moisture checkbox unchecked.

Added "Alpaca" to list of skyroof drivers that can accept custom ASCOM actions


Fixed issue that would cause pop-up alert to be displayed when launching SkyRoof with neither ParkCheck settings box checked


Fixed possibility of text overruns if ASCOM dome driver name is too long

Added tooltips for ASCOM drivernames

ASCOM driver name now appears in SkyRoof title bar

Added support for future release of SkyRoof ASCOM product


Modified roof motion error warning system for garage door type systems

Removed focus from all motion buttons after they have been clicked so they will not be activated if keyboard space bar is pushed.


Added feature to park scope and close roof when arduino pin D8 is grounded (provided mount driver is connected).

(Pin needs to be grounded for at least two seconds before process will start.)

This method requires firmware version 9g / 9 or higher, SkyRoofHub ASCOM driver (vers. 1.7 or higher) and SkyRoof version 1.230

(or higher)

Added function to enter non-listed SMS email address for texting

Modified cricket wireless email address to new one

ASCOM and Roof Controller versions are now fetched when driver(s) are connected

and saved as global variables. Previously, they were fetched when 'About' menu was opened.


Added link to changelog page where users can view recent software changes before deciding

to perform software update.


Changed and added some naming conventions to support future devices

ver. 239

Corrected issue that would allow SMS/Email messages to be sent even if ‘Send SMS/Email’ check box unchecked