ver. 285

Improved wind speed correction for Modern Device sensors

ver. 286

More graph smoothing

Added wind zero Calibrate button

Added option to display tool tips on graphs

Added adjustment to alter wind speed curve (for testing)


Fixed a bug where firmware version could be reported incorrectly in 'About' dialog

Changed curve for MD sensor if using firmware version appended with 'm'  

Removed calibration adjustment for Adafruit wind anemometer, it is fixed

Removed Tool Tips option-still too much cpu usage on 3 day graphs  

Fixed bug where voltage was showing volts, instead of millivolts when using MD sensor

ver. 292

Added adjustment for anemometer wind speed correction

Modified zero wind volts formula as it does not track correctly with temperature changes

ver. 298

Corrected error in dew point calculation formula

Added fixed offsets for wind speed depending on type of anemometer detected

Added support for SkyAlert module with Ethernet

ver. 300

Added error traps for Ethernet routine

Modified Ethernet IP address acquisition scheme

ver. 301

Refined Ethernet sub-routines-added retries to Ethernet communications routine

Added function to automatically re-calibrate wind speed if wind speed is less than zero (only

when using Modern Device type anemometer)

Corrected bug which would cause SkyAlert to generate a graph index error when first

launching program at times

ver. 308

Modified constant for auto wind calibration with Modern Device sensor

Added automatic wind speed calibration function for Adafruit anemometer

ver. 310

Fixed bug in Modern Device wind sensor self-calibration scheme, I think

Removed zero button and labels for wind calibration for MD sensor

Help>Contents now points to all new SkyAlert help guide (guide is still WIP)

Added confirmation dialog to Exit menu function


Re-wrote Modern Device wind sensor calibration scheme

Eliminated 'Zero Wind' calibration button and associated labels



ver. 317

corrected dew point calculation so it uses temperature value which has been calibrated by


increased wind speed calibration adjustment limit to +-100%

ver. 318

Corrected issue that was causing SkyAlert to generate rain alert prematurely when Ethernet

error occurs

Corrected issue with warning dialog appearing too soon when Ethernet malfunction occurs.

Added port setting to Ethernet dialog window along with coding to provide support for

alternate LAN port settings (LAN port setting must be embedded in firmware)

Changed location of weather forecast icon on graph


Programs setting dialog now supports vertical scroll bar for users with extended or enlarged


Increased wind percentage max adjustment to 150%

Increased Light Cloud/Very Cloudy max adjustment to 25 degrees

Added minor tick marks to graphs

A few minor bug fixes and changes


Modified Graph 1 to display cloud condition in a different manner

Altered light cloud/very cloudy offset behavior when changing temperature scales occur

(user displayed value is

changed instead of internal values)

Darkened clear sky color slightly on graph 1


Added support for new style Adafruit anemometer

ver.329 Added function to save ambientAdjustCounter on program exit and resume on restart


Copy of daily.txt weather log file is now saved to user specified destiination path

along with weatherfile for compatibility with AGO-TCS software

Solar offset sunset time adjustment minimum value set to 60 minutes before sunset

Changed cloudy offset adjustment so it can only be a negative value

Added checkbox to Calibration dialog to prevent Solar Offest routine from reversing if

weather is 'Very Cloudy'


Added details links to on line update dialogs-opens a browser window to display

program changelog