SkyEye Components
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Winegard™ Ds-3000 Pipe Mount Kit

Power Supply w/26’ extension cable

Power Supply w/46’ extension cable

Power Supply w/75’ extension cable

Replacement dome                             

X-10™ Remote Control Kit

Kit includes USB transceiver and one power control module. Compatible with SkyEye Capture program for controlling dew heaters, lights, etc.

$63.95 each

$53.18 each

$60.55 each

$73.96 each


$34.95 each

SkyEye Accessories

SkyEye Dew Heater Power Supply-12 vdc @ 3 amp

* Multiple extension cables can be daisy-chained to attain desired length. (Camera kit includes one 16 ft. cable)

USB Active Extension cable 16 ft.

$29.95 each

USB Active Extension cable 33 ft.   

$44.95 each

USB Active Extension cable 65 ft.  

$64.95 each

USB Active Extension Cable

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