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Author Topic: SkyAlert Tech Tips  (Read 2898 times)


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SkyAlert Tech Tips
« on: January 11, 2015, 12:09:26 PM »

While we make every effort to prevent errors from occurring, sometimes it is unavoidable. SkyAlert keeps track of errors for you and logs them in a file that contains the type of error that occurred and the time that it happened. You can examine the error file by navigating to: Documents>Interactiveastronomy>skyalert>skyalert_error.txt

Common error problems:
  • Timeout error: An excessively long USB can cause connection problems with the SkyAlert module. If you are seeing timeout errors, this may be the cause.
  • Unable to connect to the remote server: This can be caused by a web host not responding to a web request. Check that your LAN connection is working and the computer is able to connect to the internet with a web browser.